Friday, April 02, 2010

more for the hair portfolio!

So I never have time to post pics anymore... SO I'm taking a minute to post pics of Two hairstyles I've done in the last little while!(one I've done today), which I'm quite proud of....
They will make a perfect addition to my portfolio!!!

So Here it Is..

The First three pics are of my Friend Elyse... her Hair is Actually a lot lighter than in these pictures, but The pictures Are still very nice!! I did A Full Head of highlights/color... And I Also cut her hair, And gave her bangs, which she didn't have before!!!... :D!!!!

So These two first ones, of my friend Dominic, was one Of My fav Cuts and colors that I've done in a REALLY long time... Here you can kinda See the design and the color on the hair!!.... (he Was doing this for a hockey tournament!!)... Definitely worthy of my hair portfolio!!!

And This is The cut And color completed!!!!
I Love It!!.. It's Such A fun cut and color.... And We had to get a picture of the stylist along with The client in there!!!... Such A cute picture!! hahahaha!!!

so I hope you enjoy!.... Tell me what you all think!!! :D!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Piercings and Tats!

So there are a couple of new posts I want To do.. One, continue with posting Stuff for friends like my last post,...
this one!
And then one more after..

This one, Is basically to talk about the next one!.
Remember the post i did sometime last year i think, of all the tattoos I've gotten... Well, I Got a lot more since then. I Need to continue on with the pictures of them i think...
And Also, since I have more piercings Than Tats and They are both a part of the whole body mod subject, I figured I Would post picture of All My piercings as well!

I currently have 15 or 16 tattoos, And I have 20 piercings...
I wanna take the pictures now, but I do not have a good camera.. And also, My three newest ones aren't quite healed... Actually, the last 5 i got aren't quite healed yet!.. lol..... Soooo... As soon As I get my camera, and As soon as the piercings don't look so... painful, I Will Be posting the pics...

unless I get my camera working properly again...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hi Friends!

So just A quick shout out to a few friends that I've Made since I've been in ottawa!
I Will make another post with more another time. I Want to get pictures with my friends instead of just individual pics of them or of myself.
so Here It Is!

This is My old Roommate, Brandie! My Best Friend That I've Made in Ottawa. If It Weren't for Her, I Definitely wouldn't be where I Am today!. I Would of been back home, in A Dead end, Going no-where job. I Would have absolutely no friends here. and A bunch of other things I Can't mention on here.
but Lets just say she's What kept me sane in ottawa! She is moving to cold lake soon though, which Really sucks. She Is definitely The the most amazing And awesome Person I've met in ottawa!.. I honestly and Seriously have no clue What would of happened to me if It weren't for her! she gave me a place to stay, made me feel better when I Was feeling down, and Just always there for me anytime I needed someone! i Don't Even think there are any words that Can Describe What she's done for me and How Much she's helped me And how much I Truly appreciate It all!!

Another of My Very best Friends here in ottawa! James Is Another person Who I Can trust with telling everything and anything to, or ask for advice when I need it! He Is My best friend Who is still in ottawa! If only there Were more people like him Around here, I May Like this city more! He is the brother I've never had. Except with any sibling rivalry! haha!. He's Truly great And amazing, And I am very greatful I Met him!

Another really good friend. This Is stas! We dated Way back when this picture was taken during a photoshoot! things didn't work out as a relationship for us, And it works out for the best that we remained just friends! but someone else I Can rely on to be there whenever I need someone to talk to. Someone who shares my musical tastes and who appreciates Some of the little things that I Do! He Never thought I Was weird Or strange When I Felt like I was the only person In this world because of how fucked up I Really am. I know that with him, I'm not alone. He Makes Me feel like I Belong. That I'm Not Fucked up, but That I'm the one Who lights up the room and brings laughter with my personality and lame jokes!... so I'm glad he's a part of my life!

And Last but not least(for this post), My current roommate, Margeaux!.
She doesn't normally dress like this! I did Her Hair For A fetish party we went to that night! It Was a lot of fun. She Is An Amazing Roommate, And Is also someone Who understands My Fucked up personality And laughs at my lame jokes! She Makes me Happy. I've always been very lucky to have Great roommates!
I Met her through My best friend James Actually. And If It weren't for him, We Would not be living together today!. If It Wasn't for Margeaux, accidently touching james innapropriately, Mgo and I would not be roomies! haha! It's A story for another day though!. but anyways, in the few months we've lived together so far, She has become another Truly amazing friend of mine, and Helped me through some tough times as well. More than I think she realizes!..

anyways, That's it for now. It's almost 4 AM, so I'm Going to go to bed now!.. But I just felt like updating this, and what better way than A shout out to some of my best friends in Ottawa! Who Are The only reason I'm Still in Ottawa Really!


P.S. I hope everyone had a good new year and merry xmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a post NOT only about a band i've seen!

hello all who have had time to step away from facebook to continue to read these blogs.
Not too Much new is going on. I figured I would try to update on something more than just bands I've seen lately.
I'm still going to mention the bands I've Seen, because well, Its what I do, But there will be more!

So... I've Seen A Couple of bands Since the last post! I Got to see the Creepshow for the fourth Time now!! They are amazing!. I got Sarah Sin's Autograph for a second Time. And I got a fourth picture taken with her! he sister Was Also there This time(Just to see the show, not to Perform).... The opening bands were really good too.. the hypnophonics and The dreadnaughts.... Melanie, I don't know if jimmy reads these or if you even still do, but if jimmy doesn't know the Dreadnaughts, I can see them being a band he really likes! lol...

I also got to See LACUNA COIL a few days ago!!! one of my favorite bands.. The third best show I've been to! no doubt and Emilie autumn were the two first!.. lol.. But Doll And hail the villain opened for Lacuna coil!
I got an autographed CD and got to shake all their hands And It Was just amazing!!!!....

There Are more bands for me to see soon enough And I will update on that another time!

Now what's going on with work.... Well, I'm officially the assistant manager! a LOT of people aren't too happy about it, but oh well. I was qualified for it! I Passed the test for it. I Live close enough to work that in case of emergency, i can get there in 15 minutes walking. I Am willing to work more than just one night a week. And so for everyone who Wasn't Happy, Well, Too bad! Hahahah!! I'm Not going to be with first choice forever! and This will look better on a resume for me and Give me the experience I need to move up in the world of Hairstyling!

My clientelle Is Also Getting quite large! Yesterday, it was a pretty slow day! I Was non stop all day though. of the 13 or 14 people I did(two of them being color/highlights), all but one were requests for me, Which is Why I Was busy all day!
so yay for that!

The second week of my vacation was pretty good. Relaxed. cleaned My room. Made a trip out to montreal, Where I Spent More Money than I had!. now That I'm back to work though, I'm making money again, which is good!!
I bought some really nice clothes.. I'll have pics of them on here at some point. Not today though!.

As for guys. I'm still single and probably will be for a while! Guys in ottawa or who are from ottawa just seem Really Weird and like peopel who I Don't really want to associate with!.. That does not Mean all of them are, just a lot of the ones I've met so far!.. So there is really nothing new there!

I haven't got any new tattooes lately, Except for the one That everyone seen when I was Home!. I Do plan on getting more. I have a friend in montreal who says she will do them for me for free! (I've seen her portfolio And tattoos she's done, and she Is an Amazing artist, so All I need to pay for is the trip to montreal, which round trip is 60$ on the bus. And I will give my friend something, so 100$ or less, And I Can get any tattoo I Want, any size, anywhere on my body!.. so, I'm hoping for days off soon after I Can afford it, so That I Can get more work done!...

As for piercings, I'm done for a while with that!.. not completely done, but for now!...

my new place that i'm living at is really great and is coming along well!. My roommate is super awesome!. ive always been pretty lucky with the roommates that i've had!...

Well, I think I've updated on Pretty much everything that there is to update on!.. If anyone wants any updates about me on anything else, let me know!..
For now, That's all i can think of to say, so bye!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


okay, So I GOT TO SEE EMILIE AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!! It Was The Most amazign concert of my life of EVER of My LIFE, OMG!

well, Not as good as no doubt, because Well, I'm obsessed with no doubt, but It was WAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY up there with no doubt!!... So close that I'm not even sure which one was better now!!!!!.. the performance, Her voice, The Bloody crumpets, Just.. Ahhh!! everythign about it was soooo incredible!!!!!

So, I Went to my odl apartment to see if any of my mail came in and bring back my keys!
I ran into my friend who works at billigns bridge.
she told me she was going to see emilie autumn, because she was playing the next day!
She Had her tickets already!
I freaked!
I was suppose to work saturday.... Long Weekend, which I know Was going to be a busy one.
I didn't have to open OR close, And The whole staff was working that day, AND I offered to work the next four sundays in a row if I had to If I coudl get the days off...

My manager, Extremely Awesome!!!!
She gave me the days off... I owe Her Now! lol...

But every second will be totally worth it!!!!

so this is The song OPHELIAC, starts with really nice harpsichord, then amazing voice!!!

A video I recorded!!! cause I Was THERE!!!!! EEEK!!! hahah!!!

okay,I'm just rambling! so I'm going to leave it at that!!
Enjoy the video!!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Manson Live!...

So I got to see manson over the weekend.. HE's Very old And not aging well at all!.. and He Was hung over, I'm sure..

still an Excellent show though...
I Was RIGHT in front of the stage!! I Got to touch him!.. He Was sweaty!! hahahah!!..
My friend christina was in the front with me,And Manson Made out with her...She Had Makeup ALL over her face because of it.. lol...
And all She coudl taste was beer!!! lol..

He played a lot of his older stuff.. only like 3 newer songs...

Die Mannequin opened For him!! It Was great!! she Looked Cracked out, but It Was still awesome!.. lol..

After the show, I ran into some friends... And Then some random guy came up to me and my friends and wanted his picture with us, Saying we had the best outfits there... That all the others looked liek they were trying too hard!... Then He wanted his picture with just me, because he Kept Saying I Was definitely the one with the Best outfit of the night of everyone he seen there....

He kept staring at me, And Asked to Take my picture a third time...

I Guess dressing like this for 11 ish years Helps... wow, time goes by WAY too Fast!!... lol...

anyways, I'm very sick, so I'm Going to go.. just updating a little bit to let you knwo hwo the concert was!..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

oh, the music!!...

So, As I have been posting, I have been seeing lots of bands and concerts and such..

NO DOUBT being the best of all of them of course...
But Lots of the bands I seen were really great....
No doubt, Paramore, robyn black, Our Lady peace, The yeah yeah yeahs, State ofshock, After forever, Bedouin soundclash, The creepshow, As Well As MANY MANY Others...

so, next show I'm going to see... Which might be two shows in one week.. one show, I know I'm going for sure.. I got my tickets already!..

So September 20ths, I'm going to go See marylin Manson! And I got floor tickets, which means I'll be way up front.. Hopefully!.. either way, I'll be in General Admission!.. YAY... so manson is My Next show..

That same week, I May be going to see PINK live.. which Woudl also be really cool.. Which reminds me, I have to see if she is going to montreal.. Tickets to montreal are a lot cheaper than tickets to toronto!.. :D!!!